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Sorry, Democrats, We’re Not Buying Into The Hysteria This Time

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Sorry, Democrats, we’re not buying the hysteria this time.

First, you scoffed when Trump won the nomination, then spent the next six months trying to convince us he couldn’t win. Ever since, literally everything you’ve done has been to either convince us Trump is some Hitler-esque dictator so we shouldn’t vote for him, or that he’s the most crooked and corrupt president, so he should be impeached, yet you still have yet to offer evidence to back up either allegation.

Remember when you swore the Access Hollywood tape was the end of his presidential hopes, and were confident that failing to release his tax returns turned off the majority of American voters? Remember “Hillary had a 90 percent chance of winning”? Or what about the electors “switching sides” to overthrow the voters? When none of those worked, you tried convincing us the recounts would turn up massive fraud for Trump, but what happened? It revealed the opposite and was immediately shut down.

Then once you realized (you still haven’t accepted it) that Trump won, you tried to downplay the size of his inauguration crowd and overall viewership. Photos disproved your crowd size myth and it turned out that the inauguration had the highest overall viewership out of any other in history.

You tried convincing us that the transition was in chaos, even though he had a team in place in near record time and the Democrats have slow walked literally every single person he’s nominated. Plus when Gen. Flynn first resigned, you took to the airways to proclaim to the nation that Trump’s presidency was DOA, and it was only a matter of time before impeachment hearings proceeded.

Obviously that didn’t happen, but you remained steadfast on your quest to convince the nation of how horrible Trump is.

The latest is that “President Trump fired Comey while he was under FBI investigation,” and yet again you have an issue; President Trump isn’t under FBI investigation and the President can fire the director for any reason whatsoever. Since that didn’t cause Trump to be immediately ejected from the White House, you piled on an anonymous source that claimed Trump gave the Russians sensitive classified information and the intelligence community thinks that’s very bad.

The only problem is the IC doesn’t run the country, and as it turns out Trump didn’t even give the Russians the information the source claimed. So since that didn’t work, you immediately pivoted to some farcical memo that nobody can even prove exists and if it does, could have been written the day it was reported. Worse yet, even if the memo does exist, it doesn’t say anything even remotely close to what you’re saying it does, and again you have a problem; you’re demanding impeachment based on a New York Times report that can’t even be authenticated.

I could spend days laying out how many times you’ve lied to us, but I think this gets my point across.

So no, Democrats, we’re not buying into your hysteria any longer, and no, we don’t believe for a second that this is “the one” that will take out Trump. For the past year, all you’ve done is make mountains out of specs of sand, and you’ve cried wolf so many times that not only are people no longer listening, they’re ready to tape your damn mouths shut so they don’t have to hear you any longer, which is something I would welcome with open arms.

After all, you sound like paranoid schizophrenics who should be medicated and supervised, not credible politicians who should be validated and televised, and in my opinion it’s time you be treated accordingly.



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