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BREAKING: This State Just Made Incredible Move To IMPEACH Obama For Stunning Reason

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Barack Obama is anything but popular with conservative Americans , especially after forcefully pushing his agenda down our collective throats for nearly eight years, and one state has apparently had enough of him so it made an incredible move to have him removed from office.

Recently, Obama issued a “decree” that threatens to strip states of their federal school funding under Title IX in an attempt to coerce them into complying with his progressive transgender bathroom policy, and it didn’t go over too well. Already, several states have said they refuse to comply with it, but Oklahoma is taking their opposition a step further.

According to Reuters, Oklahoma Republicans have filed a measure calling for the House of Representatives to impeach Obama. While the measure has no legally binding authority, it does place pressure on the state’s representatives in Congress to file impeachment proceedings in response to the un-Constitutional decree regarding bathrooms.

Obama isn’t the only official mentioned in the measure either. Also included are Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Education Secretary John King, Jr., both of whom signed off on Obama’s illegal directive.

We’ll have to wait to see what, if any effect this actually has on getting Obama impeached, considering Obama’s legacy is going to be that he took a dump all over the Constitution whenever he could. But it does send a strong message to Washington that we’re fed up with the constant usurpation of power by the White House, and could very well help rally conservatives to come out in droves to vote against Hillary Clinton, who would most assuredly continue Obama’s failed policies.



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