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Actor Steven Segal ‘Comes Out,’ EXPLODES On Obama And Hillary In EPIC Rant!!

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Actor Steven Segal may have just ensured that he’ll never work in Hollywood again, but he sure did leave a bruise on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton after an epic tirade on Twitter last night.

This weekend wasn’t exactly short on big news stories, between Hillary Clinton insulting half of Trump’s supporters by calling them “deplorable” and then collapsing on 9/11, and overpaid athletes disrespecting the very nation that provided them with everything they could imagine, and apparently Segal is a little fed up about it. Actually, he’s a lot fed up, and his Twitter rant is proof of it.

Check it out:

Of course, no good Hillary rant comes without her sycophants coming to her defense. However, Segal was prepared to counter with judo chops to the throat.

It’s apparent he doesn’t believe Hillary is capable of leading the country. But it gets better.

The blind hatred from the left wasn’t lost on Segal, who called out their hypocrisy in attacking people who are proud of our nation.

When a confused Canadian Bernie supporter jumped into the fray, Segal didn’t hesitate to remind our neighbor to the north just how much his opinion counts here in the states.

He also seemed to take a shot at the cultural Marxists, who do everything possible to shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with their beliefs.

Then he dropped what’s probably the best one-liner from a celebrity ever:

Boom! Hard to argue that one.

And just to take a dig at people spewing the divisive rhetoric and hatred at those who speak out against the left’s agenda, he finished the night off reminding everyone we’re all Americans.

Awesome, and we completely agree.



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