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Cameras Caught STRANGE Interaction Between Trump & Hillary At Charity Dinner, Media SILENT

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both attended the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner on Thursday, and before the event got underway the cameras caught an odd interaction between the two that the media refuses to talk about.

If you were to listen to both Hillary and the media, you’d believe that Trump is some sort of monster that hates women and treats them with total contempt. Of course, we all know that’s truly not the case because there’s been countless women from Trump’s past to come forward and tell us he’s always been a perfect gentleman.

Plus, Trump was ahead of the curve when it came to promoting women within the construction and real estate business back in the 1980s, which isn’t exactly how a misogynist would treat women. However, that’s not stopping the media, Democrats, and Hillary alike from trying to smear his character to the public and frame him as a woman-hating sleaze ball.

In fact, Hillary’s campaign has trotted out 11 women so far accusing Trump of dirty deeds when nobody was looking, but what happened the other night at the charity event when nobody was looking speaks volumes about Trump’s true character. Despite the fact he’s been relentlessly attacked by Hillary and her campaign, he still showed that he’s a gentleman when it comes to women, even when a woman happens to be a fierce adversary.

Check it out:

See what he did? Yeah, not exactly the actions of woman-hating misogynist, huh? In fact, it appears as if it was his natural reaction to reach out and ensure she was able to sit down without incident even though she’s given her all to try to assassinate his character throughout this election.

Interesting, to say the least.

However, compare what Trump did at the dinner to Hillary’s behavior at the final debate – refusing to shake Trump’s hand before and after the event. Two similar situations, two remarkably different ways of handling it; one showed humanity and respect, the other showed cold-heartedness and contempt.

Who do you think is better suited to run the country?



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