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BREAKING: Suspect Named In NYC Bombing, And Trump Was RIGHT… Look Where He’s From

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Police have been frantically working to figure out who was behind the bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, and along with naming a suspect, the police made a terrifying discovery overnight.

This morning, the FBI identified 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami as the suspect behind the bombing on Saturday night that injured 29 people and had the potential to kill dozens. Apparently, Rahami had been a busy little terrorist as police discovered another five explosive devices at a train station in New Jersey overnight, which they say were placed by the same person or group and begs the question of whether or not Rahami is working with a larger terror cell.

Overnight, a pair of rail workers discovered a suspicious package in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and they quickly figured out it was a bomb then called police. When the bomb squad arrived, they discovered there were actually five explosive devices in the backpack, and while the robot was attempting to disarm them one accidentally went off.

Police also stopped and detained five men that were dressed in traditional Muslim garb while they were traveling through New York.

UPDATE: Fox News just reported on their morning broadcast that the five men detained by authorities were actually family members of Rahami’s.

Apparently, Rahami is an American citizen who’s been in the U.S. for a number of years; however, he wasn’t born here. Instead, according to numerous reports, he’s an Afghani native who immigrated to America then apparently plotted to attack us.

The chilling chain of events comes amid a contentious presidential election in which Donald Trump has repeatedly called for the “extreme vetting” of potential immigrants to ensure they don’t hold extremist beliefs and are willing to assimilate into our culture. Meanwhile, his opponent Hillary Clinton has promised to increase the number of Middle Eastern refugees, who our own government says can’t be properly vetted, if she’s elected into office.

The latest revelations about the bombings are sure to make people think twice about our current immigration system and whether or not they want such an influx of Middle Easterners into our nation. The attack is also likely to help bolster Trump’s poll numbers as he’s taken a much tougher stance against terrorism and immigration as a whole.



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