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BREAKING: As The Swamp Heats Up Its Battle Against Trump, He Gets SHOCK News About Job Market

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The swamp is ramping up its efforts to take out President Trump, with special counsel Robert Mueller impaneling a grand jury as a part of his witch hunt, but that hasn’t stopped 45 from making America great again.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly jobs report on Friday, and even Democrats should be happy after it beat out Wall Street’s predictions. The Daily Caller is reporting that not only did unemployment dip to a 16-year low, but hundreds of thousands of jobs were added to the market as the labor force participation rate remained unchanged.

All of this happened as the stock markets hit record highs and business confidence continues to soar.

From the Caller:

The U.S. economy added 209,00 new jobs in July, soundly beating Wall Street expectations, according to the jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday.

The unemployment rate returned to a 16-year historic low, ticking down from 4.4 percent to 4.3 percent. The labor force participation rate remained virtually unchanged at 62.9 percent during President Donald Trump’s sixth full month in office, continuing to trend at its lowest rate since the late 1970s.

The 209,000 jobs figure beat expectations of 180,000, and the unemployment figure suggests that individuals seeking work are able to find it, with the 4.3 percent figure reflecting natural turnover in the jobs market.

The report comes one day after the Wall Street Journal reported special counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in the ongoing Russia investigation. Stocks fell immediately following the news with the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq hitting session lows.

On top of this, economic growth has surged to 2.6 percent after remaining stagnant for nearly eight years, with the manufacturing sector seeing intense growth since the President took office.

Meanwhile, the deep state and establishment politicians, also known as “the swamp,” continue to fight to take out the most pro-America president we’ve had since Reagan.

Apparently, their own interests will always come before ours, so let’s join in with the President and DRAIN THE SWAMP!



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