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SWAMP CREATURE: New FBI Director LIED So He Could OVERSEE Hillary’s Email Investigation

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The swamp in Washington is deep, very deep, which is evidenced by the fact that the acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe lied so that he could assume an oversight position during Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

Last summer, we learned that McCabe’s wife was taking in huge sums of money from both the Virginia Democrat Party and a Super PAC run by Hillary confidante Terry McCauliffe – money that started pouring in at the same time the email investigation was opened. The money trail alone should have disqualified him from having anything to do with the investigation into Hillary’s private server, yet he was still given the job of overseeing it.

Now we know why.

Fox News is reporting that Freedom of Information Act requests reveal that McCabe wasn’t exactly forthcoming on his financial disclosure forms. In fact, McCabe completely omitted his wife’s salary and campaign contributions despite the fact they’d have presented a clear conflict of interest and there being a section on the forms to document them.

In all fairness, such disclosures aren’t required; however, if one has nothing to hide then why hide it?

More from Fox:

The records, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, show FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe left the box blank for wife Dr. Jill McCabe’s salary, as a doctor with Commonwealth Emergency Physicians. And there is no documentation of the hundreds of thousands of campaign funds she received in her unsuccessful 2015 Virginia state Senate race.

As first reported by The Wall Street Journal, Clinton confidant and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe urged McCabe’s wife to run for statewide office shortly after news reports were published that Hillary Clinton used a private email server and address for all her government business while serving as secretary of State.

For the reporting period of October through November 2015, McCabe’s campaign filings show she received $467,500 from Common Good VA, a political action committee controlled by McAuliffe, as well as an additional $292,500 from a second Democratic PAC.

According to Sen. Chuck Grassley, “98% of the Gov. McAuliffe related donations to his wife came after the FBI launched the investigation,” which raises serious questions about McCabe’s objectivity in the handling of Hillary’s email investigation.

Now, the same man is tasked with overseeing the investigation (read: witch hunt) into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia.

Indeed, the D.C. swamp is deeper than ever.



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