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Syrians Have New A Nickname For Trump, And It’s Something Obama Will HATE

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Last week, President Donald Trump showed off his basketball-sized brass stones when he launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles into a Syrian airbase, and the move earned him a new nickname from the Syrian people.

Unlike his predecessor, President Trump wasn’t afraid to be decisive and punish Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad for crossing the “red line” and gassing his own people. Because of this, Syrian rebels have grown quite fond of our new president, even if people “in the West hate Trump,” and they’ve given him a new nickname to honor him.

“One Syrian tells me the new nom de guerre for President Trump on the ground in Northern Syria is Abu Ivanka al-Amriki,” a CNN international correspondent tweeted.

“Abu Ivanka al-Amriki” means “the father of Ivanka” and is a term of endearment from the Syrian people, who want to show their admiration and respect for him.

More from the Daily Caller:

Syrians in the U.S., too, praised Trump for the punishing strike, expressing relief that the U.S. finally acted against Assad, who has been brutally slaughtering civilians for years in an attempt to suppress the uprising against him. Many have expressed frustration over former President Barack Obama’s policy of avoiding direct action against the regime, despite repeated words of compassion and statements of condemnation for Assad’s brutal actions.

“When I saw President Trump and the United States taking action for the first time after six years of calling for help, we felt happy and grateful,” Kassen Eid, a Syrian refugee who survived a 2013 chemical weapons attack told Fox News following the strike. He, like many other Syrian refugees, hopes Trump’s policy change will eventually result in a safer Syria that will allow them to return home.

Some restaurant owners in Syria have gone so far as to change the name of their shop in honor of Trump, reports The Telegraph. One Syrian man who opposes Assad told the outlet he wants to name his first son after Trump.

“Maybe you in the West hate Trump, but he has already done far more for us than Obama,” Najim Hassan, a Syrian who lives in a city occupied by rebels against Assad, told The Telegraph. “We love him because he does more than he says, he’s a man of action and at least he gives us something to hope for.”

As you can see, the Syrians are absolutely grateful that President Trump is looking out for them. They, like us, were also sick of Obama’s “lead from behind” approach to dealing with the Syrian crisis.



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