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Teacher Tweets About Muslim Kids Celebrating Brussels Attack, Then Look Who Shows Up

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On Tuesday, news of terrorists bombing a subway and an airport in Brussels, Belgium, which killed over 30 people and injured hundreds more, rocked the world. A concerned teacher from the country tweeted about Muslim children that were celebrating the heinous attacks, and you won’t believe who showed up at his door after.

In the wake of the attacks, we’ve been told that Belgium lacks the sufficient resources to properly investigate every possible terror threat, which is what led to the terrorists being able to pull off the atrocious assaults. That makes what happened to Ivar Mol even more enraging.

On the morning the attacks unfolded, Mol tweeted (translation) “How do you remember lesson if there in your class is applauded by Muslim children?” He hashtagged the tweets  #aanslagen and #zaventem, both of which referenced the bombings earlier in the day.

Teacher Tweets About Muslim Kids Celebrating Brussels Attack, Then Look Who Shows Up

In a later interview, Mol told RTL that “I heard messages from friends in Antwerp and Brussels representing the class that there was applause for the attacks.”

One would think that authorities would immediately investigate the allegations, considering that Brussels is obviously a hotbed of terror activity and the children celebrating have parents who likely taught them Islam’s evil ways. Well, they did investigate, but it wasn’t Muslim families they investigated – it was Mol himself.

Four hours after sending out the tweets, three police officers showed up at Mol’s doorstep, and shortly after Mols said that he would “no longer” be tweeting. So apparently the police went to his home to intimidate him into silence, although they said that they visited him because “We wanted to see what was going on and whether it is true that there was applause in the classroom.”

Even though police are allegedly overwhelmed by the number of terrorists and terror plots in Belgium, they still have time to visit a yoga teacher to intimidate him. If that’s not chilling, I’m not entirely sure what is.

It just goes to show how authorities are aiding and abetting radical Islam by refusing to allow people to even address the issue publicly, which is something we’ve seen a lot of across Europe since the Muslim invasion began happening. In fact, Dutch businessman Mark Jongeneel criticized his city’s proposal to accept 250 “refugees” as a “bad plan,” and almost immediately had police visit him to tell him to “watch your tone” when speaking of migrants. They also issued a veiled threat by telling him that his tweets may be “seditious.”

Welcome to 1984.



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