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BREAKING: Team Hillary TICKED After Wikileaks Reveals EXACTLY How They View Black Voters

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Another day has come and Wikileaks has graced us with yet another treasure trove of the internal workings of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

This time around a bombshell was found in an email from John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chair. The message talks about getting out the black vote, only Podesta isn’t exactly talking about black people as if they’re hard-working American voters.

Instead, Podesta’s email candidly speaks of black people as if they’re some sort of property and assumes they’re not intelligent enough to see pandering when it happens. Podesta, like others who have been outed in Hillary’s campaign, also seems to think that skin color is a priority with black people as opposed to the merits and accomplishments of who the campaign hires.

Check it out:

The email chain reads, in part:

“The black is obvious super critical. Im hearing the same complaint in political circles that i continue to hear while fundraising. “The campaign doesnt value black folks and takes us for granted”.

Can I make a suggestion?

A black campaign vice chair or Sr advisor would go a long way during the primary and send the message that, Hillary puts her actions where her mouth is, and actually does appreciate the black vote.”

Truly “valuing” a voter block means more than trying to find a black staffer to join your campaign, you racists.

Although they do have one thing absolutely right; actions do speak louder than words. Unfortunately for them, actually talking about policies to improve the black community and doing more than embracing Black Lives Matter would go much further in getting support from black people.

Instead, they wanted to take the easy, and racist way to deal with the problem – hire a black man so you have the optics of caring without having to actually do anything.

It’s unreal that Hillary and her campaign still has any support at all after seeing these emails from Wikileaks.



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