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Ted Cruz Could Be FINISHED After Getting Horrible News From Court, This Is HUGE

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This election year hasn’t been uneventful by any means, but things are about to become even more heated after the horrible news Ted Cruz just received since it might just mean the end to his campaign forever.

As many are aware, the question of Cruz’s eligibility to run for president has been in question for some time now. Legal scholars from all political spectrums have weighed in on the issue, but there hasn’t been a definitive decision either way; however, there’s about to be.

According to a report from Vox, a lawsuit has been brought against the Texas Senator regarding his eligibility based upon whether or not he’s a “natural-born citizen,” per the Constitution. Although the news isn’t the lawsuit itself, it’s the fact that the Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago has agreed to hear the case.

That’s a big deal.

Why, you ask? Because Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a non-citizen father, and the courts haven’t ever ruled on whether or not that makes one a “natural-born citizen” for the purpose of running for president. Depending on how the case goes, this could very well end up in the Supreme Court. There’s been four cases dealing with the definition of “natural-born,” but none have ever delved into presidential politics… until now.

The case against Cruz was filed by attorney Lawrence Joyce, who claims to be a staunch supporter of Dr. Ben Carson and to not have any connection to the Trump campaign. A report from the Washington Examiner said that Joyce wanted to settle the matter of Cruz’s citizenship before the general election, where Democrats would surely pound the issue into the ground despite being notably silent when Barack Obama’s place of birth was in question.

“Joyce said his concern is that the eligibility issue lie unresolved during Republican primaries, thus letting the Democrats take advantage of it after a potential Cruz nomination, when it’d be too late,” the report stated.

“At that point, all of his fundraising would dry up. And his support in the polls would drop dramatically. He may be forced at that point to resign the nomination,” Joyce said.

It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how this plays out, or if it will indeed make it to the high Court.

With that said, I’ll leave you with this nugget of information derived from the analyses of four different cases regarding citizenship and the definition of “natural-born”:

Finally it should be noted, that to define a term is to indicate the category or class of things which it signifies.  In this sense, the Supreme Court of the United States has never applied the term “natural born citizen” to any other category than “those born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof”.

Hence every U.S. Citizen must accept this definition or categorical designation, and fulfil his constitutional duties accordingly.  No member of Congress, no judge of the Federal Judiciary, no elected or appointed official in Federal or State government has the right to use any other definition; and if he does, he is acting unlawfully, because unconstitutionally.



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