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Teen Singer Agrees To Perform For Trump Inauguration, Then Gets LIFE-CHANGING News

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Sixteen-year-old opera singer Jackie Evancho recently agreed to sing at President-election Donald Trump’s inauguration, and shortly after something incredible started happening.

While Evancho has received plenty of hate from leftist trolls for agreeing to perform for their nemesis, the rest of America has been rewarding her in kind for not caving to pressure from those unable to accept defeat with grace. As soon as the 2010 contestant on America’s Got Talent announced she accepted Trump’s offer, her record sales shot through the roof, but things went even better from there.

According to her publicist, Kim Jakwerth, Evancho has had several record companies hounding her to strike a deal.

“Three record labels were suddenly courting her,” Jakwerth said, according to Page Six. “The contract will be announced next week.”

Evancho will join the Radio City Rockettes, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and others on January 20 to celebrate the peaceful transition of power and see the 45th President of the United States sworn into office. She’s slated to kick off the festivities by performing our National Anthem, but the move hasn’t come without fierce opposition.

Unfortunately for the fascist left, Evancho is stronger than to bow to such partisan pressure.

“She’s doing it for her country,” Jakwerth told Page Six. “She’s 16. She can’t vote. It’s an offer that came to her, and she’s excited.”

Breitbart News reported that despite the obvious correlation between Evancho’s rise in popularity and her agreeing to perform at the inauguration, liberal media outlets have done everything possible to downplay the effect it’s had. Apparently they seem to think that her years-old Christmas album saw a spike in sales due to the holidays alone and not because her name was again thrown into the spotlight after news broke of her plans.

Although it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that leftist publications are refusing to give credit where credit is due. They’ve spent the last eight weeks trying to undermine anything positive that’s resulted from Trump’s historic win, so there’s no reason to think they’d allow their readers to believe Trump had a positive effect on a young, rising star.

But make no mistake about it, the Trump Effect is a real thing, and this young woman’s new-found success is a direct result of it.



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