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home News Teen Thugs Surround Cop at His OWN House, Then The UNIMAGINABLE Happens [Video]

Teen Thugs Surround Cop at His OWN House, Then The UNIMAGINABLE Happens [Video]

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A California cop was put in an awful situation after confronting a group of teens that were on his property without his permission.

Video emerged on Wednesday that showed an LAPD officer get into a confrontation with a large group of teens after he told them to stop walking across his property. Shortly after the initial confrontation, the officer attempts to apprehend one of the youths and all hell broke loose.

Check it out:

More from the Daily Mail:

The protests were sparked after a video that was filmed on Tuesday afternoon emerged showing the confrontation between the off-duty LAPD cop and a large gang of teens who he had apparently accused of walking on his lawn.

The confrontation ends with the officer pulling his gun out and firing a shot that did not hit anyone as the teens flee.

Before that, the officer was filmed struggling with one teen who he accused of threatening to shoot him, then scuffling with the entire group of teens outside his home.

The unnamed officer was trying to cuff and arrest the apparently unarmed teens when it escalated into a fight. When more officers arrived, the gang of teens were detained by cops and two were arrested.

It is unclear if the officer meant to fire his gun or if it went off accidentally as he grabbed one of the teenagers. He has not been arrested.

After a few minutes in the video, the man was pushed over by two other teens in the group, and shortly after he pulled a gun from his waistband with one hand while still holding onto the 13-year-old.

The incident took place in in Anaheim, California, near Loara High School about 2:40pm.

The officer said that one of the teens threatened to shoot him, but the kid said that he said “sue.” However, with the other teens in the group attacking him, it appeared as if the officer felt threatened regardless.

Despite the officer having to defend himself while being outnumbered, violent protests erupted outside of his Anaheim home on Wednesday night.

Protesters on Wednesday night were seen in videos posted on social media shouting, ‘whose streets, our streets,’ ‘don’t shoot our kids,’ ‘shame on you,’ and ‘no justice, no peace, f*** the police.’

What initially began as peaceful protests eventually gave way to violence, as protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers.

One picture was posted on social media showing the words, ‘f*** pigs,’ spray-painted across a garage door it was claimed belonged to the officer.

However, the house is not that of the cop in question.

Aerial footage from the scene from KTLA showed the crowd of people, as well as a swarm of police cruisers in the area.

Anaheim police report about 24 arrests for misdemeanor charges including failure to disperse. This included 10 men, 8 women, three boys and three girls.

Teen Thugs Surround Cop at His OWN House, Then The UNIMAGINABLE Happens [Video]

Teen Thugs Surround Cop at His OWN House, Then The UNIMAGINABLE Happens [Video]

The boy’s parents claim he didn’t do anything wrong, and now they’re threatening to sue. The city’s mayor also promised a full and “impartial” investigation into the incident.

The officer involved in the scuffle has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.



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