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Teen White Girl Passed Out At Party With ‘Refugees,’ Guess What Happened Next?

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The so-called “refugee crisis” across Europe has plagued nations with violence, sexual assaults, and other crimes, all of which are pushing citizens to their breaking point. One such incident occurred in Belgium, where a white teen girl went to a party with Iraqi “refugees” and passed out drunk, then learned quite a hard lesson on what Islam’s is really about.

The incident was actually discovered by police as they were investigating a boy, who was just 14, for possible ties to Islamic terror, when they discovered an extremely chilling video on his phone, reports Russia Today. Apparently, he had been showing off photos of himself posing with a submachine gun while dressed in military fatigues, and authorities started investigating after one of his friends reported him, and it’s a good thing they did.

Police obtained a warrant and searched through his mobile phone, and not only did they find the junior jihadist’s photos of him posing as a wannabe member of the Islamic State, but they found a video of what happened while he and six of his buddies were at a party and discovered a passed out 17-year-old Belgian girl. The disturbing footage showed the suspects, five of whom were Iraqi refugees, singing, dancing, and laughing as they circled around the girl, then came the horrific part.

One of the suspects then pulled down her pants and underwear, and the Muslim filth then took turns molesting her and groping her breasts, but that’s not the worst part. The savages apparently couldn’t contain their sexual desires, then one-by-one they gang raped the innocent girl as she lie unconscious on the ground, according to MailOnline.

Sadly, the poor girl had no clue what had happened, and when she awoke, she simply hopped in a cab and went home. However, she was utterly mortified to learn what the Muslim migrants did to her while she was helplessly passed out at the party.

Making the disgusting crime even more enraging is the fact that when the seven suspects were arrested, they showed absolutely no remorse for their heinous acts. In fact, when questioned by police over it, they invoked their Islamic faith as their justification.

She has nothing to complain about. Women must obey men,” one of them reportedly told the police.

Naturally, the brutal gang rape sparked outraged among the fed up Belgian people, who decried the savage culture the migrants bring into their nation.

“It is clear that some newcomers have problematic beliefs about relations between men and women,” commented Ostend Mayor Johan Vande Lanotte. “When they have served their sentences, they must leave the country.”

His comments were echoed by Belgium’s minister for asylum and immigration, who said “rapists won’t be given asylum. They will be sent back to Iraq if they are found guilty.”

If they’re found guilty? I’m all for due process, but you have concrete evidence of their horrific crime on a cell phone, so “if” doesn’t seem like the right thing to say.

Regardless, this poor girl is just one of countless victims of the savagery being imported to Western nations in the name of compassion and multiculturalism, yet these whack-job politicians refuse to stem the flow. Sadly, it seems as if the only way any of them will do something about capping off the influx of migrants is if one of their own family members falls victim to the savagery.

But then again, they live in gated communities and are offered government protection, which means the odds of it happening are slim to none. In other words, the mere peasants in the country can deal with the issues while the elite sit in their protected areas. Isn’t that nice?



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