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Muslim Terrorists BOMB Airport In Brussels, And Cruz’s Response Is JAW-DROPPING

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Overnight, news broke of Islamic terrorists bombing an airport in Brussels, Belgium, which killed over two dozen people and once against sent shockwaves across the world. While the world is mourning and most everyone knows where to place the blame – fundamental Islam – Sen. Ted Cruz had an utterly jaw-dropping response to the horrific incident.

So far, the death toll in Brussels is up to 34 innocent lives after two bombings rocked the city, and already, the Islamic State terror group has praised the attacks while seemingly taking credit for them. While it still remains to be seen who exactly is responsible, Cruz seems to know exactly who is, and it’s not Islamic terrorists – he thinks it’s Donald Trump. Seriously.

In toeing the establishment party line, Cruz appeared on Fox News and blasted Trump over the attacks, as if his prior remarks were somehow to blame for what went down in Belgium. Check out the outrageous video below, which some people are saying seems more like a sermon than a reaction to a terror attack.

Well, I will say, it is striking that the day after Donald Trump called for America weakening NATO withdrawing from NATO we see Brussels, where NATO is headquartered, the subject of a radical Islamist terrorist attack,” Cruz said in an attempt to link Trump’s comments to the attacks. “Donald Trump is wrong that America should withdraw from the world and abandon our allies. Donald Trump is wrong that America should retreat from Europe, retreat from NATO, hand Putin a major victory and while he’s at it, hand ISIS a major victory.”

Keep in mind that Trump didn’t say America should withdraw from NATO and leave our allies hanging. In fact, all he said was that we should take a look at the agreement and lopsided funding of NATO to more optimally serve America’s interests.

It’s utterly disgraceful that once again, Cruz has taken the low road, much like Democrats do, and politicized a tragedy to score points for the upcoming election. Sadly, this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this either.

When mobs of leftist thugs took over Chicago’s streets and shut down a planned rally for Trump, Cruz was one of the first ones to blame the billionaire for the actions of the protesters, as we previously reported. Instead of standing up for free speech at the time, Cruz instead condemned Trump’s “rhetoric” on the campaign trail and blamed it for unhinged leftist fascists trying to suppress the First Amendment rights of thousands of people.

So here we are again, where Cruz had the opportunity to stand with freedom while condemning the actions of violent thugs, and instead he took cheap shots at a political rival. And here he tries to convince everyone that he’s not part of the establishment?

Please. Tell that to everyone who knows you have a Bush family member working on your campaign.

[H/T: Gateway Pundit]



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