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Texas Gov. Calls For ‘Convention Of The States’ To STOP Obama, This Is HUGE

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In a groundbreaking move, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has called for an official “convention of the states” to finally put a stop to Barack Obama, and it’s gaining serious momentum. Not only does Abbott want to reign in Obama’s unconstitutional authority, but he has other proposals that just about every American can get behind.

Using Article V of our Constitution, Abbott plans to propose new amendments that would completely change the direction of our nation while restoring power back to where it belongs – to the people then the states, respectively. His plan would also give states the power to nullify a bad decision by the Supreme Court – something desperately needed in recent times – and get Congress completely out of the business of regulating things that happen inside a state’s borders.

Sound good to you yet?

The Conservative Tribune has more:

On Friday, Abbott officially called for just such a convention to seize power from a federal government that is out of control and return it to the states. He called his proposed amendments “The Texas Plan.”

Some of the amendments in the proposal include prohibiting administrative agencies and the unelected bureaucrats from creating and preempting federal law; mandating that Congress balance its budget; allowing a two-thirds majority of the states to override a U.S. Supreme Court decision, federal law or regulation; and prohibiting Congress from regulating activity that occurs within one state’s borders.

Abbott argued that Obama has abused his presidential authority, and trampled on the United States Constitution.

“If this is allowed, the United States Constitution has been completely rewritten,” Abbott said in an interview with the Examiner.

“The United States Supreme Court is a co-conspirator in tearing down our Constitution, which is exactly why I am calling for a Convention of States so we can restore the Constitution to its original principles,” he added.

According to Abbott, his plan would force the federal government, which has run rampant with power usurpations, to “take the Constitution seriously again.” Believe it or not, his idea just might work as well, since there’s over 30 states that now have Republican leadership, and only 38 are needed to call a convention.

As of this writing, five other states have jumped on board with the idea. But with Abbott’s support, it’s bound to gain some serious momentum.

With the manner in which Obama has all but put the Constitution through a shredding machine, such a move is exactly what’s needed to get our nation back on the right course. After all, when we have a president ruling by executive fiat, a Congress that’s more symbolic than useful since it relegated its authority to unelected bureaucrats, and a Supreme Court that’s creating laws, rights, and policies from the bench, it definitely time for a reset.



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