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Texas Lt. Gov. BLINDSIDES Obama On LIVE TV With The Absolute Last Thing He Wanted To Hear

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As we continue to see, Barack Obama isn’t one to let the facts come out before he comments on certain incidents or places blame on certain groups, namely police officers and shooting incidents. Well, during his town hall event on Thursday, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas finally confronted him about it.

In just about every widely-publicized incident where a police officer shoots a black man for whatever reason, Obama has been too quick to rush to judgement and blame law enforcement. It started when his professor friend was questioned by police outside of his home after neighbors called 911 – the infamous “police acted stupidly” incident – and it’s just gotten worse ever since.

According to BizPac Review, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick finally called Obama out on it. Although much like everything else, Obama’s denial was on full display in his response.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick challenged President Obama about his treatment of police, asking him not to be so quick in condemning law enforcement before all the facts are known.

Patrick accused Obama of being “too quick to condemn the police” in an ABC town hall on Thursday.

“I’m concerned that police officers across the country, they know you support law enforcement, of course. But do they really in their heart feel like you’re doing everything you can to protect their lives?” he asked Obama.

“Words matter. Your words matter much more than mine,” Patrick said. “I would ask you to consider being careful when there is an incident of not being too quick to condemn the police without due process and until the facts are known.”

“I have been unequivocal in condemning any rhetoric directed at police officers. You’d have to find any message that did not include a very strong support for law enforcement,” Obama said.

“Unequivocal”? Not hardly.

Even after Dallas, where five officers were ruthlessly massacred by a racist black man, he turned around and lectured America about how we can do better on race, among other things, and he did it during the memorial of the slain heroes. So yeah, he may say he condemns anti-police rhetoric, but he doesn’t act as if he does, and actions speak volumes in comparison to words.



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