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BREAKING: Texas Voters Get NASTY Surprise After Casting Ballot For Trump

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Early voting is underway in numerous states and already people are having issues.

Take Texas, for instance, where residents in at least two different counties are reporting problems with the electronic voting machines that have replaced traditional paper ballots.

In Amarillo, a woman said that she tried to vote straight-ticket Republican but was shocked as she watched the machine magically change her ballot to Clinton/Kaine, and that was just the start.

“Gary and I went to early vote today…I voted a straight Republican ticket and as I scrolled to submit my ballot I noticed that the Republican Straight ticket was highlighted, however, the clinton/kaine box was also highlighted!” wrote Lisa Houlette.

I tried to go back and change and could not get it to work. I asked for help from one of the workers and she couldn’t get it to go back either,” she added. “It took a second election person to get the machine to where I could correct the vote to a straight ticket.”

Houlette warned others to keep a close eye on the machines before submitting their vote.

It wasn’t only Amarillo reporting problems either. In Arlington, Shandy Clark said she had a family member experience something similar, and when they confronted the poll workers about it, they were told it’s been happening pretty often with other people as well.

“I had a family member that voted this morning and she voted straight Republican,” Clark wrote. “She checked before she submitted and the vote had changed to Clinton!”

“She reported it and made sure her vote was changed back,” she continued. “They commented that it had been happening.”

Meanwhile, reports have been surfacing of other instances of votes being switched throughout the state. A Redditor said he’s been seeing on social media where similar instances have occurred when people vote straight-ticket for Republicans.

Also, when confronted about potential fraud, Director of Elections Keith Ingram pretty much ran away from an InfoWars reporter rather than answer any questions. While he didn’t necessarily do anything wrong, his behavior was definitely shady, at best:

Oh, and then there’s this, which “fact-checking” websites like Snopes says doesn’t happen:

The bottom line is that when you vote, check and then double check your ballot is exactly the way you want it to be. Even if it’s only incidental that the machines are switching votes (ironically, it always seems to be from Republican to Democrat), you still wouldn’t want to accidentally cast a ballot for the wrong candidate, especially with so much riding on this election.



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