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ALERT: If You’re Thinking About Voting Gary Johnson, THINK AGAIN… Look Who He Just Endorsed

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Many people this election are thinking about voting for a third-party candidate like Libertarian Gary Johnson, but after seeing who he just endorsed, they may want to think again.

As a Libertarian-leaning conservative, there’s quite a few things I agree with Johnson on, like limited government, more freedom, etc.; however, there’s no way in hell I can bring myself to agree with the latest position he took – the endorsement of the Black Lives Matter terror group. At the CNN Libertarian Party ton hall on Wednesday, Johnson was confronted by a staunch supporter of BLM, and rather than condemn their violent rhetoric and anti-law enforcement ideology, he instead praised the group while offering his endorsement to them.

Red Alert has more:

If there was any doubt, Gov. Gary Johnson is working harder at winning over former Bernie Sanders supporters than Ron and Rand Paul supporters. For whatever reason, he’s taken on several left-wing positions from bashing religious freedom to now supporting Black Lives Matter.

At the CNN Libertarian Party Town Hall on Wednesday, Johnson praised the efforts of Black Lives Matter and endorsed the organization.

Speaking to a Black Lives Matter protestor and registered Democrat who was shot in the leg during a march, Johnson said, “What it has done for me is that my head has been in the sand on this,” Johnson said. “I think that we’ve all had our heads in the sand and let’s wake up. Discrimination does exist, has existed, and for me personally, um, slap, slap, wake up.”

Isn’t that nice? Whether or not discrimination exists isn’t the issue, the issue is that these people march through the streets chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!” and “what do we want? Dead cop! When do we want it? Now!” and this guy just offered his endorsement to them.

The Never Trumpers saying that they’re going to “vote their conscious” and cast a ballot for him may want to reconsider that one. Johnson throwing his support behind this criminal organization is a direct slap in the face to the brave men and women who patrol our streets and keep us safe, and it shows that he falls on the liberal side of Libertarian, which is far to the left of Donald Trump and his policies.

Besides, there’s not many conservatives who would be able to consciously support someone who endorses the blind hatred and contempt of our nation’s law enforcement, unless of course their refusal to vote Trump has nothing to do with principle. Whether or not you Agree with Trump on every issue, at least he stands proudly behind those who protect our liberty and keep us safe, and that alone speaks volumes about who he is and where he stands on important issues.



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