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BREAKING: Media SILENT After NEW DAMNING Video Links Hillary DIRECTLY To Election Fraud

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The release of two videos by Project Veritas should have had a devastating effect on Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party, but as we all know the media is downplaying them while claiming Hillary had nothing to do with them. However, a new video just released is going to be hard for them to explain away.

As soon as the Project Veritas videos dropped, the DNC did its best to deny having any involvement whatsoever with organizing the violence at Trump rallies as well as committing voter fraud en-masse. However, an internet sleuth was able to go through the treasure trove of information we’ve received from Wikileaks, and they found the “smoking gun” email linking the DNC to Robert Creamer, the man taking the fall over the entire ordeal.

Check it out:

The video shows an email chain between Eric Walker and Luis Miranda, both officials with the DNC, discussing with several others their plan for disrupting a meeting between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan. In the email, Walker and Miranda discuss the signage they’re going to use, who they can place at the rally to talk to the media, and of course, the fact they had coordinated with Creamer to make it all happen.

For those unaware, Creamer was the worm seen in the second Project Veritas video explaining how he goes about committing voter fraud en-masse. Along with revealing his dubious ideas, he admitted that both the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign were not only well aware of what he was doing, but were funding his illicit activities through several different organizations as a means to create separation so both the DNC and Hillary has “plausible deniability.”

Up until now, there hadn’t been any hard evidence linking Creamer to either Hillary or the DNC. However, the email along with the corroborating video from CNN should be enough to prove to any objective observer that the three were both closely intertwined and working together to subvert our democracy.

Unfortunately, the FBI likely won’t do anything about it, since as we saw with Hillary’s server, it’s every bit as corrupt as everything else the Clintons touch. But with any kind of luck, this video will spread like wildfire across the web and show voters just how deceitful the Democrats really are and how far they’re willing to go to win an election.



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