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This Blue Finger Is Pointed DIRECTLY At Beyoncé, And There’s A ‘Special’ Reason

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An interesting image has been floating around social media, and it’s in direct response to the controversial halftime show at the Super Bowl. It’s aimed directly at Beyoncé, and you’re more than likely going to love the reason behind it.

Ever since Sunday, the country has been debating whether or not Beyoncé’s show, which paid tribute to the Black Panther Party, honored controversial figure Malcom X, and called for justice for a man who tried to kill someone then was shot and killed by police, was appropriate for the venue. As the Political Cult has been reporting, reactions to the performance haven’t been too positive, with many people upset over the brazen double standard that exists in our culture, as this man eloquently pointed out, and also expressing outrage and the anti-police theme seen throughout the show.

Sheriffs See Beyoncé’s Anti-Cop Show, What They Did Next Shows EXACTLY How They Feel

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During the game, the National Sheriff’s Association was holding a conference in Washington D.C., and when they saw the blatantly anti-police performance, they decided to send a message of their own. In unison, the officers all simultaneously turned their backs to the television after muting the volume so they didn’t have to listen to it.

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Perhaps the most ironic aspect of her performance was that as she shook her ass on stage to decry police while promoting the divisive concept of “black power,” she was enjoying fully armed protection from law enforcement, who stayed true to their oaths despite the sheer ignorance on display. Also, as we previously reported, she had a full law enforcement motorcade protecting her while she traveled to Levi’s Stadium, and they even went as far as to shut down the freeways to ensure her safe passage.

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This Blue Finger Is Pointed DIRECTLY At Beyoncé, And You’re Going To LOVE Why
(Image credit: Free Thought Project)

Apparently, the brazen display of hypocrisy isn’t sitting too well with law enforcement across the country either – enter the blue middle finger. According to The Free Thought Project, police across the nation have been posting the image to social media to let Beyoncé know how they really feel, and it’s pretty much gone viral. But can you really blame them for posting it?

After all, she and others within the #BlackLivesMatter “movement” disparage police officers trying to keep our streets safe, yet these brave men and women continue to uphold their oaths, and would come to the aid of anyone in need, including those within BLM. Plus, should any of the BLM folks find themselves in trouble, who would be the first people they called?

I can tell you this much — it wouldn’t be their congressman.



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