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Thugs Attack Elderly Couple In Philadelphia, Never Expected What Happened Next

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A 65-year-old man and his wife were out for a stroll through Philadelphia on Tuesday evening, simply minding their own business, when the unexpected happened. They were approached by two younger thugs, who then proceeded to beat the older man. But little did they know, they were about to get the shock of their lives.

Police say that the man and his wife were walking through the Queen Village section of the city when two thugs, ages 20 and 21, approached the couple and started an argument, reports NBC10. However, what the two hoodlums didn’t realize is what they thought was an unfair fight in their favor was anything but, and the elderly gentleman had a little surprise waiting for them.

NBC10 has more on the incident:

The younger men, one of whom is from Cinnaminson, New Jersey, allegedly began to beat the 65-year-old man. The 65-year-old man, who has a license to carry, then pulled out a .45 caliber pistol and opened fire, according to investigators. The 21-year-old was struck once in the neck while the 20-year-old was struck in the stomach. The younger men were taken to the hospital where one is in stable condition while the other is in serious condition.

Fortunately, the elderly man only suffered minor injuries, and he was treated at a local hospital then released. His wife was also unharmed, thankfully, and the case will go over to the District Attorney’s office, where it’s likely to be dropped due to self-defense.

This is an excellent example of why responsible carry is a must for law-abiding citizens. You never know when trouble is going to come your way, and it’s always better to be prepared for such an incident rather than be a helpless victim.

After all, had the older man not had his trusty .45 on his side, this could have turned out much different, and probably would not have ended well for him. But thankfully, he was able to promptly deal with the threat, and in the process, remove two feral thugs from the streets. It’s a win-win.

[H/T: TheBlaze]



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