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WOW: Tim Kaine Holds Florida Rally, Pictures Show Utterly HUMILIATING Turnout

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The media keeps telling us that Hillary Clinton has this election in the bag and there’s no possible way for Donald Trump to win, but the tale of competing rallies tells an entirely different story.

Take Florida, for instance, where her vice presidential pick Tim Kaine held a rally in Palm Beach. To say the turnout was humiliating would be an improvement, but it shows just how much excitement there truly is for Hillary’s campaign – exactly none.

Check it out:

To the contrary, check out what happened when Mike Pence visited Salisbury, North Carolina:

That’s not all. Here’s some more pictures from campaign stops around the nation:

Meanwhile, the national media continues to try to beat it into our heads that the race is over. In fact, the new narrative is that Hillary has such a strong lead that she’s now worrying about down ballot races rather than winning the presidency, although her campaign seems to be doing a full-court press by having her most prominent supporters campaign hard for her across the country, including Barack and Michelle Obama along with a number of celebrities.

But looking at rally sizes and overall enthusiasm, it’s hard not to wonder if she’s pressing so hard because she knows she’s not going to win, so she’s trying to help her party salvage whatever seats they possibly can in an effort to hold up Trump’s agenda when he’s elected.

Wishful thinking?

That remains to be seen; however, one thing is for certain – her campaign appears to be pulling out all the stops in the remaining weeks before the election, which wouldn’t be happening if she thought she had as comfortable of a lead as the media says she has.

After all, actions speak louder than words, and her actions are painting a picture of a campaign that’s terrified it’s about to lose.



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