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Tim Kaine Snubs His Nose At Apology For Mocking Catholics

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Religious liberty has been under constant assault since Barack Obama took office in 2009, and a recent revelation from Wikileaks suggests it’ll only get worse under Hillary Clinton.

Her team was caught in a string of emails mocking conservatives along with the Catholic faith, which shows just how “tolerant” they really are, but that’s not even the worst part. Another email chain revealed that members of Team Hillary were plotting to overthrow the Catholic Church in the same manner that Hillary and Obama orchestrated the “Arab Spring” simply because the church’s views don’t align with those of modern progressives.

Again, if you think religious liberty has been under assault with Obama at the helm, imagine what it will be like if Hillary gets in. If you think that sounds like fear mongering, wait until you hear what her vice presidential pick Tim Kaine had to say about the revelations on live TV.

The Free Beacon has more:

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (D., Va.) said Sunday that the campaign does not need to issue an apology for email messages, including from communications director Jennifer Palmieri, mocking Catholics.

“Many took offense to the perceived mockery of Catholicism,” ABC host Martha Raddatz said. “You’re Catholic. Should the campaign apologize for these messages?”

Kaine dodged and said that he does not believe the validity of these hacked emails.

“I just want to say the writer of this email said he sent this email,” Raddatz said, trying to get him back on topic.

Kaine dodged again, citing that the emails had the potential to be doctored by the Russian government.

That’s something, right? Despite the fact that the original author of the email fessed up to writing the email, Kaine still refused to apologize then blamed Russia, yet again, for doctoring the original email?

The arrogance of these people is astounding, to say the least. But Kaine’s unwillingness to apologize for the content of the emails speaks volumes about his feelings on them, in this reporter’s opinion.

If he’s willing to excuse their actions now, what do you think the odds are on him trying to stop them if they tried to follow through with their sinister plot?



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