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BREAKING: Trump Gives Nearly 1,000 ‘Refugees’ STUNNING Surprise… Media SILENT

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President Trump has come under serious fire from the liberal media and Democrats alike for his moratorium on travel from seven nations, but nobody seems to be reporting what he quietly did for nearly 1,000 refugees in the past week alone.

If you’re to listen to the media, you’d think that the president’s order was mean spirited and done specifically to discriminate against Muslims despite the fact that over 85 percent of the Muslim population remains unaffected by the moratorium. Their narrative is even further eroded when you learn that the State Department, under President Trump’s instruction, quietly granted at least 872 waivers for refugees to enter the U.S. in the past week.

Perhaps that’s why nobody in the mainstream media is covering it.

Reuters is reporting internal documents from the DHS reveal that the waivers were granted to migrants considered to be “in transit” and had already cleared the screening process when President Trump signed his executive order on Friday. The documents also revealed that the refugees were screened using Obama’s vetting procedures, which Trump has said were “inadequate,” so they’re likely to undergo further questioning and screening upon their arrival to the country.

Reuters has more:

The internal DHS document said that between late Friday and early Monday 348 visa holders were prevented from boarding U.S.-bound flights. In addition, more than 200 people landed in the United States but were denied entry, the document showed.

More than 735 people were pulled aside for questioning by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in airports, including 394 legal permanent U.S. residents holding green cards, over the same time period.

The move from the State Department comes amid widespread protests against the president’s lawful order temporarily halting travel to nations known for terrorism and without functional governments to provide documentation for travelers, except for Iran, which is on the list but is considered to be a state sponsor of terror. The other nations are Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya, and the Trump administration has suggested that more may be added as time goes on.

Waivers for the listed nations could be granted on a case-by-case basis, if the Trump administration has reason to believe that migrants don’t pose a threat to the country.



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