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BREAKING: Trump Announced Pick For FBI Director

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President Trump appears to be keeping with his promise to drain the swamp, and it shows with his early morning announcement for his nomination to head the FBI.

In a tweet sent out Wednesday, the President announced that he’ll be nominating former Assistant Attorney General Christopher Wray to lead the nation’s top law enforcement agency.

Wray, who served under President Bush, has an impeccable record and a history of going after corruption in government, according to Who’s Who Legal. Wray currently works for King & Spaulding, LLP, and he chairs the law firm’s Global Special Matters and Government Investigations practice, and according to the write-up has a history of going after government corruption.

From Who’s Who Legal [emphasis added]:

As the Criminal Division’s head, Mr Wray led investigations, prosecutions, and policy development in nearly all areas of federal criminal law, including securities fraud, healthcare fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and export violations, bank secrecy and money laundering offences, public corruption, intellectual property piracy, cybercrime, and racketeering. He also was integral to DOJ’s response to the 9/11 attacks and played a key legal oversight role in the war on terrorism. At the conclusion of his tenure in 2005, Mr Wray received the Edmund J Randolph Award, DOJ’s highest award for public service and leadership.

Mr Wray first joined DOJ’s leadership as Associate Deputy Attorney General in May 2001 and was soon appointed Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General in September of the same year. Before joining the administration, he served as an Assistant US Attorney in Atlanta, handling a wide variety of jury trials, grand jury investigations, and appeals as lead counsel.

At King & Spalding, Mr Wray has led investigation matters involving US Attorneys’ Offices in over 20 different districts around the country and nearly every DOJ litigating division, typically also involving parallel proceedings by regulatory agencies or whistleblower litigation. He has also been appointed by a federal court as a special master in False Claims Act litigation and by the World Bank as an independent compliance consultant.

As you can see, Wray appears to take public corruption quite seriously. But also noteworthy of Wray’s nomination is the fact that he wasn’t interviewed by Attorney General Sessions or Assistant AG Rosenstein, Fox News just reported, which means President Trump and his closest advisers chose Wray on their own.

President Trump’s reasoning for not consulting either of his attorneys general is unknown; however, the President has been adamant about draining the swamp, so the last thing he’d want is the advice of swamp creatures to decide who’s going to investigate them.



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