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Trump Calls Out Race-Baiting Reporter After ‘Anchor Baby’ Attacks, Shows Why He’s #1

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Recently, ABC News reporter Tom Llamas attempted to ambush presidential hopeful Donald Trump over his use of the term “anchor babies” to describe the children of illegal aliens, who were born here simply for the purpose of obtaining citizenship, and Trump decided he had enough of it. In two tweets, the billionaire real estate mogul was able demonstrate why he remains the frontrunner for the GOP.

The problem with the attacks from Llamas is that they’re completely one-sided, and expose his intentions to spread pure propaganda for the Democrat Party, but that hasn’t stopped his hysterical “gotcha” attacks on GOP candidates. However, as Trump has shown in the past, he doesn’t take too kindly to people trying to paint him in a bad light, or otherwise damage his reputation through biased and misleading reporting, so he took the opportunity to expose Llamas as the race-baiting “journalist” that he is.

BOOM! Trump Calls Out Race-Baiting Reporter After ‘Anchor Baby’ Attacks, Shows Why He’s #1

For those unaware, here’s a clip of Llamas telling Trump how to speak about the contentious issue:

Here’s what Trump had to say about the misleading report that Llamas released:

Llamas, like many in the left-wing media, doesn’t believe his job is to simply report the news, but instead believes it’s his job to create news that leads people to a particular conclusion, as his report above proves. In fact, if you go to his Twitter feed, you will see nothing but relentless attacks against Republicans, including Trump, which show his extreme bias and disdain for all things conservative.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Republicans had this kind of support from the mainstream media?

The things that are happening in our nation today are eerily similar to the events described in Orwell’s 1984, where a totalitarian regime made the expression of politically incorrect ideas all but impossible, which appears to be the aim of the left in our country. Think about it, Hillary Clinton believes that instead of using the term “anchor babies,” they should simply be called “babies,” or “American citizens,” neither of which convey the fundamental idea of an anchor baby – the offspring of illegal aliens, which by virtue of its imagined U.S. citizenship, make it’s parents all but undeportable. This in turn allows its parents access to the many lucrative social welfare programs available in our nation, all because they simply had a child within our borders, thus creating an “anchor” for them to stay here.



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