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WOW: Think Trump’s Comments On Women Bad? Look What Obama Did To FEMALE Reporters

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Donald Trump is taking heavy fire from all sides after a leaked video shows him making troubling remarks about women, but there’s another leaked video that the press isn’t even acknowledging exists.

The leftist media has taken the opportunity to try to bury Trump over the distasteful comments he made about women and they’ve been hitting him with both barrels since Friday despite the fact that Trump issues a rare apology after owning the remarks. However, they’ve been noticeably silent about an incident with Obama that occurred just as he took office, and it’s arguably worse than anything Trump may have said.

The video was from 2009, just after Obama took occupancy of the White House, and it shows him in front of the press pool on Air Force One speaking to someone on the telephone. The grainy footage shows Obama lift up his left leg and place it on one of the seats in the plane, and you can clearly see that something had him excited, which happens to men, but most men don’t spread their legs to show a group of females reporters what’s emerging from their pants.

Check it out:

As soon as the women start giggling like high school girls, Obama removes his leg from the seat and backs out of view, but the question is why would the President(?) of the United States feel the need to show off his manhood to begin with?

Only Obama knows the answer to that since his lap dog media never bothered to ask him about it. But could you imagine if such a video surfaced of Trump doing the exact same thing?

He wouldn’t ever hear the end of it…ever.



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