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People FREAKING OUT Over What Trump Did During Nancy Reagan’s Moment Of Silence

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During last night’s GOP debate, the candidates all had a moment of silence for the late former First Lady Nancy Reagan, and everyone seems to be freaking out over what front-runner Donald Trump did.

After the candidates took the stage, CNN host Jake Tapper asked everyone to take a moment to honor the conservative icon, and for some reason, people are just dying to make it seem like Trump did something wrong… but he really didn’t.

Check it out:

You’ll notice that the candidates all are standing peacefully, observing the moment of silence for Reagan, including Trump. When the honor concluded, they all took to their podiums and things went on as planned.

For some reason, people have been trying to say that because Trump didn’t have his head lowered, he somehow disrespected Reagan, or something. However, a moment of silence isn’t a prayer, it’s a moment of silence, and in a moment of silence, you stand still and be quiet for a brief period of time, which every candidate on the stage did. So what’s the issue?

Look, if you want to attack people based upon their policy stances, go right ahead. But this kind of baseless, petty attack just makes you look like you don’t have anything else to go after him about. Besides, as we continue to see, the harder the media and others work to defame Trump’s character, the more people seem to flock to him with support.

So really, such attacks are counterproductive.

Also, if you want to call a candidate out for disrespecting people, watch what Rubio didn’t do as he walked onto the stage. That was disrespectful.



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