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Trump DOMINATED Georgia Primary, Supporters HEATED After What Cruz Did At Convention

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When the state of Georgia held its primaries, Donald Trump did rather well with the voters, which isn’t a huge surprise considering he’s leading in national polling. However, his supporters are completely outraged at what happened during a convention there, and they have every right to be after learning what Sen. Ted Cruz did.

Trump won the 7th Congressional District fair and square in the primary election, so it stands to reason that he should have received the three delegates and three alternate delegates from it. But here’s the thing – he didn’t. In fact, he didn’t end up with even a single delegate, and it’s because of some dirty ass tricks played by the Cruz campaign, Breitbart News reported.

An alliance between Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio ended up knocking out every one of Trump’s delegates from Buford out of the district’s national convention altogether after taking over the event. Apparently, they overwhelmed the convention and strong-armed Trump’s delegates out, claiming they would “embarrass” the district at the national convention.

In fact, things became so bad that Trump’s delegates left the convention is protest of the dirty shenanigans taking place.

Breitbart has more:

“This morning, I attended Georgia 7th Congressional District GOP convention as a delegate and a Donald Trump supporter. We were there to elect the 3 delegates and 3 alternates to the national convention,” Ronnie Kurtz told Breitbart News. “Per the primary results, two slots were for Trump, and one was for Rubio. Se. Ted Cruz  finished third in the primary and had no delegates allotted to him…Nonetheless, the hall was stacked with Cruz delegates.”

On the first ballot, the party voted on a delegate slate that would have taken away one of Trump’s delegates but would have, at least, still given him one representative. That bloc would have given Trump supporter Debbie Dooley one of the slots and a Cruz supporter named Carolyn Fisher another slot, with a Rubio slot going to local party convention chairman BJ Van Gundy. But Cruz supporters voted down that slate.

So on the next ballot it came time to replace one or all of those delegates with new people. The Cruz supporters managed to knock out Dooley, the one Trump supporter. Kurtz described what happened:

When it came time for nominations from the floor, the Cruz bloc, which I believe had the numbers to install whoever they wanted, did not challenge the Rubio delegate. Only the true Trump supporter, Debbie Dooley, was challenged. Two Cruz supporters argued in favor of their alternative delegate, a Mr. David Hancock, on the premise that he had ‘been in the party from the beginning’ and ‘wouldn’t embarrass us at the convention.’ The convention was given no time to ask questions of the candidates on the basis that ‘the nominating committee has already interviewed them for you’. The Cruz people succeeded in voting in their delegate over Trump’s Debbie Dooley.

Here’s video of the incident:

Kurtz said there was an immediate “uproar” in the hall, which led to the Trump delegates storming out in protest. Apparently the Trump Country campaign manager had brought an American flag to display, but they removed it and took it with them after witnessing the undercutting of democracy that took place.

Trump DOMINATED Georgia Primary, Supporters HEATED After What Cruz Did At Convention
Image credit: Breitbart

“So, after a hard fought campaign in which Trump won the primary in district 7 fair and square, no one who supports him will be representing the district in his slots at the national convention,” Kurtz said.

Is this Cruz’s idea of democracy? Let’s hope not.



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