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home News Trump Fan BEATEN By #BLM Mob In El Cajon Over Hat, You WON’T Believe What Reporter Asks [Video]

Trump Fan BEATEN By #BLM Mob In El Cajon Over Hat, You WON’T Believe What Reporter Asks [Video]

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A Donald Trump supporter attended the “peaceful” rally held to protest the shooting death of an El Cajon man by police, and he ended up getting more than he bargained for. However, don’t expect to hear this one on the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit the current narrative.

Feras Jabro proudly displayed his “Make America Great Again” hat as he attended the protest to support those grieving the shooting death. He didn’t provoke anybody, he didn’t yell racial slurs, he didn’t do anything other than quietly stand there as someone spoke to the crowd, but things turned extremely violent in a hurry.

Check it out:

Jabro was assaulted by the crowd numerous times, and was even thrown to the ground and stomped at one point. The terrified Trump supporter didn’t want any trouble, which he made abundantly clear, but that didn’t matter to the feral protesters who seemed hell-bent on inflicting as much physical harm as possible on him simply for supporting Trump.

At one point, Jabro actually ran away from the crowd while yelling he was leaving and didn’t want any issues, but it was to no avail. The pack of thugs continued to follow him and at one point had him cornered before finally, the police arrived in forced and were able to save him from any further harm at the hands of the “peaceful” Black Lives Matter goons.

However, as shocking as the footage that Jabro recorded live on Periscope is, what was even more shocking was the questions he was asked by the local news. One reporter is heard asking him if he thought wearing the hat to the rally was a provocation in and of itself, and if he shouldn’t have worn it, as if to suggest that he was at fault for the actions of the unhinged leftist mob.

Isn’t that something?

Not only that, a search for reports on the vicious assault turned up nothing except for a picture article from the Watertown Daily Times in Wisconsin that captioned a picture of Jabro with “Feras Jabro, second from left, is rushed out of a protest after demonstrators removed his ‘Make America Great Again,’ cap during a protest Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016, in El Cajon, Calif.”

Trump Fan BEATEN By #BLM Mob In El Cajon Over Hat, You WON’T Believe What Reporter Asks [Video]
(Image source: Watertown Daily Times)
So not only is the media ignoring the vicious attack, but those who are covering it are claiming that “demonstrators” merely “removed” Jabro’s hat rather than telling the truth that a savage mob tried to kill him but the police intervened before they were successful.




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