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After Trump THUMPING, Newt Gingrich Has STUNNING Message To GOP Establishment

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In Tuesday’s elections, Donald Trump swept all five Northeastern states by massive margins, which all but guaranteed that he’s going to be the GOP nominee. Following his crushing victories, Newt Gingrich had a bold message to the establishment that they’d be wise to listen to.

“Get over it.”

That’s Gingrich’s advice to an already loathed establishment intent on defeating Trump in any manner possible.

“You see the momentum building here,” Gingrich said on Fox News Tuesday night. “I think it’d be very, very hard, virtually impossible, to stop him from winning the nomination at this point.”

“This is an enormous achievement building on New York, and means that he’s almost certainly going to have an absolute majority of the delegates before you get to the convention in Cleveland,” Gingrich added.

Gingrich also scoffed at the idea of a contested convention in Cleveland after Bill Hemmer showed that Trump has a pretty clear path to the 1,237 delegates needed to get the nod.

“My question to my good friends who talk about a contested convention is, if Trump comes out of California and New Jersey, somewhere, I think Bill Hemmer had him above 1,250 at that point, what’s the contest?” Gingrich asked.

“He won,” he added. “And the challenge then for the Republican establishment is to get over it.”

Trump share’s Gingrich’s feelings as well. Following the staggering margins of victory, he told a cheering crowd of supporters that he considers himself the “presumptive nominee,” NBC News reported.

“I consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely,” the real-estate tycoon said at a press conference after winning all five state primaries held on Tuesday by crushing margins.

Turning to the general election, he predicted he would “beat Hillary [Clinton] so easily” and even compete for deep blue states like New York, despite trailing Clinton nationally in every recent poll, often by wide margins.

“The only card she has is the woman’s card,” Trump said. “If Hillary Clinton were a man I don’t think she’d get five percent of the vote.”

If Gov. Kasich and Sen. Cruz had any decency, they’d back out of the race and work on rallying the party behind Trump, who’s on pace to set a record for the most votes ever in a primary season. But instead, Cruz told a crowd of supporters that his campaign is headed to friendlier territories and he has no intention of giving in.

In other words, he and Kasich are both still pushing for a contested convention, where they hope to be able to derail Trump after the first ballot, if it goes that far. Should they end up being successful, not only will they guarantee a Hillary Clinton win in November, but they’ll all but destroy whatever is left of the Republican Party.

Guys, do yourselves a favor and concede defeat. It’s inevitable at this point.



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