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Trump Jr. GOES OFF On Guns, DESTROYS Crying Democrats In Congress Demanding Action

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Donald Trump Jr. is an avid sportsman and hunter, and during a meeting on Thursday with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, he went off about the Democrats demanding those on terror watch lists be banned from being able to purchase weapons.

Trump Jr. definitely agrees that people on said lists shouldn’t be able to purchase firearms, but his problem comes from the lists themselves and how people are put on them. Like most conservatives, he fears that arbitrarily stripping people of their rights without Due Process is a slippery slope we shouldn’t be going down, and it’s hard to disagree.

“Of course people on the terrorist watch-list shouldn’t get firearms, but what they don’t talk about is they don’t talk about the million people that are on the terrorist watch-list that have no business being on the terrorist watch-list,” he said. “What they don’t talk about is the people on the terrorist watch-list who are on the terrorist watch-list because their name sounds similar to someone else somewhere else.”

“What they don’t talk about is that there is no due process for these people to actually then get off of this list to then actually be able to buy firearms,” Trump Jr. added.

That’s a pretty common occurrence as well. In fact, it’s well-known that several members of Congress and the media have been wrongly placed on the list, and it’s taken them months to get off of it as well as spending money on expensive lawyer fees.

He then pivoted to hearing stories in the media about people being arrested with a bunch of ammunition on them, which is something most gun owners find absolutely ridiculous since it doesn’t take long to go through a couple hundred rounds at the range.

“Excuse me, I have a thousand rounds of ammunition in my vehicle almost at all times because it’s called two bricks of .22,” Trump Jr. explained.

“You know, I’ll blow … through that with my kids on a weekend. It’s ludicrous but what’s they’ve done is they’ve very effectively vilified people who are good law-abiding citizens, sport shooters and tried to pigeon-hole them into these things,” he continued. “Hunting and fishing is my lifestyle. It’s how I choose to live my life. It’s how my brother and I choose to live. It’s how we’re going to raise our families.”




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