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Notice How Trump NEVER Buttons His Jacket? There’s A DISTURBING Reason Why

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People have recently taken notice of the fact that GOP front-runner Donald Trump never appears to have his jacket buttoned, but nobody really knows why. Well, there’s actually a purpose behind doing so, and it’s for quite a disturbing reason.

Conservative talk show host Larry Elder brought attention to the strange phenomenon on Twitter, where he blatantly asked why it was The Donald always has his jacket undone.

People were quick to offer their own theories on why the presidential candidate’s buttons are always undone:

Good theories, but way off. It turns out there’s a much more important reason for Trump to keep his jacket undone – protection.

Insider Roger Stone offered an ominous explanation:

While it’s not really surprising that he wears a bulletproof vest for protection, given that he’s received more death threats than any other candidate, it is quite shocking that our society has become so decomposed that those threats are serious enough to warrant this type of action. Then again, unhinged leftists are capable of just about anything, as we saw with James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, and numerous other mass shooters, so maybe it’s not that bad of an idea for Trump to play it safe.



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