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BREAKING: Trump Says ‘Let Obamacare Fail,’ Check Out PANICKED Dems’ TWISTED Reactions

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Following the failure of the GOP effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, President Trump tweeted that they should just let it fail, and you have to see the reaction from panicked Democrats.

Earlier we reported that Senate ajority Leader Mitch McConnell stated he wanted to have a straight-up repeal vote on the disastrous bill passed along party lines during the Obama administration, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen either, thanks to three female Senators refusing to vote for it; Susan Collins. Lisa Murkowski and Shelly Moore Capito. As a result, President Trump tweeted earlier on Tuesday that Republicans should let it fail then figure something else out later.

Throughout this entire debate, Democrats have done their best to convince us that Obamacare is good, and the Republicans are simply trying to make people suffer with their own efforts. However, now that it looks like the President and GOP aren’t going to fix the mess created by the Democrats, they’re panicking…big time.

A quick search of the “Obamacare” trend on Twitter is quite revealing.

Check it out:

You get the idea. They’re freaking out now that Obamacare is hanging tightly around their necks.

Although the freak out isn’t just limited to Twitter. In a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Senate Minority Leader Upchuck Schumer accused the President of playing political games with Obamacare, completely ignoring the fact that it was a Democrat creation, Democrats passed it without a single Republican vote, and Democrats have “resisted” every effort to fix it thus far.

Meanwhile, here’s a sampling of Schumer’s own Twitter account before he realized President Trump just turned the tables on him:

Yeah, you really just read all of that. These people are hypocrites of the highest order.



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