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Trump SHREDS Media During Iowa Rally, But What He Said About CNN Has People HOWLING [Video]

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President Trump isn’t a fan of the media.

From the time he started running for President, he’s pushed back hard against the leftist bullies masquerading as journalists who did everything in their power to ensure he didn’t get elected, and last night was no exception. Speaking to a massive crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the President ripped the media to shreds over their coverage of his administration, but he had a little something extra to say about CNN and NBC that had people in stitches.

From Media Matters:

“I will tell you about the Democrats. They raised a fortune for him, they fought like hell, they said they were going to win. All of the television networks, other than Fox which really has treated us fairly, by the way. They have. But they built these studios, CNN. Hey, the camera just went off, I can’t imagine. It’s covered live, the camera just went off, I can’t imagine why. This phony NBC television network. They actually had one of the people saying, “you know, it was a little rainy last night, maybe that was the difference in Karen’s race.” Can you believe that? But they had these beautiful studios, and if Karen Handel had lost, they would have blamed it on me, which is fine. But if she had lost, they would have been there for weeks, talking about it, this would have been the greatest defeat in the history of American politics. When she won, when they said projected winner is Karen Handel, then they said “we switch to another program,” right? It was so short they couldn’t have gotten out of there fast enough.”


That’s a pretty stinging critique of the media’s coverage, and unfortunately it’s true. On Tuesday night, when Handel won, CNN cut the live feed to her acceptance speech so they could bring on their talking heads to discuss the Russia conspiracy.

Video is below:

Nice, eh?

President Trump once stated that the media is the “enemy of the people.” While that’s not true for every media outlet, CNN and NBC sure do seem to be competing for that title, wouldn’t you say?



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