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BOOM! Trump SLAMS Hillary, Says EXACTLY Why She Wants Bill In The White House

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Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump isn’t afraid to speak his mind or call people out, and during an appearance on Fox News Friday morning, he did just that as he commented on Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton mentioning she’d have her husband Bill in the White house.

As her campaign struggles to put away an angry geriatric socialist and become the Democrat nominee, Hillary has been grasping at straws to do anything she can to gain some momentum. One of her recent tricks was attempting to ride the coat tails of her husband by saying she’s appoint him as her economic “czar” to get the country back on track.

However, some people, including Donald Trump, have questioned her motives for bringing Bill in to play an important role. On Friday, Trump appeared on Fox $ Friends to discuss the issue, and he has a pretty good theory on why Hillary wants to give Bill a position of power.

According to The Hill, Trump suggested that perhaps it’s Bill’s philandering past that’s driving Hillary to keep him close.

“Maybe she’s saying that, or maybe she just wants him around the White House so she can keep her eye on him,” Trump stated, after one of the hosts suggested that maybe she’s trying to use Bill popularity.

Boom! Once again Trump answers a question in a manner that only Trump can, which is why he’s gained so much support across the country.

For the first time since any of us can remember, there’s someone running for office who isn’t constrained by political correctness and the niceties that have lost Republicans numerous elections in the past. He’s willing to speak up, speak out, and stick it to the elitists in Washington, who have absolutely no idea how to handle someone like him.

By the time November rolls around, Hillary is going to be wishing she was only running against Bernie. She and Bill are so target rich for Trump, he’s guaranteed to completely destroy her shot at the presidency, if not her entire political career, and that’s only if she doesn’t get indicted.



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