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BREAKING: Trump Releases List Of Possible SCOTUS Picks, 1 Name Making WAVES With GOP

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Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has officially released the names of possible choices for a Supreme Court nomination, and there’s one familiar face making waves with conservatives.

According to the Associated Press, after previously promising to include “great conservative judges, great intellects, the people that you want,” Trump’s list includes conservative judges from across the country, and one Texas judge is already getting major attention.

In a statement regarding the list, Trump mentioned Scalia, who he hailed as a “remarkable person and a brilliant Supreme Court Justice,” and said the list is “representative of the kind of constitutional principles I value” and said that, as president, he would use it “as a guide to nominate our next United States Supreme Court Justices.”

The following 11 judges are included on Trump’s list, which he stressed was compiled “first and foremost, based on constitutional principles, with input from highly respected conservatives and Republican Party leadership”:

Steven Colloton of Iowa

Allison Eid of Colorado

Raymond Gruender of Missouri

Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania

Raymond Kethledge of Michigan

Joan Larsen of Michigan

Thomas Lee of Utah

William Pryor of Alabama

David Stras of Minnesota

Diane Sykes of Wisconsin

Don Willett of Texas

Justice Willet is pretty well known on Twitter, where he uses wit combined with humor to keep his followers entertained. A quick look at his feed reveals where his true values lie, and they’re right in-line with what is needed to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

Seems like a good fit, right? Although it’s unknown at this time if he would actually accept the nomination if it were presented to him.

But Trump’s list should help win over some of the hardcore conservatives who feared that he would nominate a liberal justice to the court and otherwise not be as strong on the conservative cause as they’d like. The other good thing about his possible choices is that aside from one, all of them are under the age of 55, which means they’d be able to serve for a good 20-25 years before retiring.

A good, conservative judge sitting on the bench for that long would be the best possible thing for our nation, especially since it’s constantly under attack from the likes of Obama.



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