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BREAKING: Trump Just Made MASSIVE Announcement About Transgenders In The Military, SJWs TICKED

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Transgender people serving in the military has been a hotly debated topic for the past eight years, but President Trump just ended the argument in a series of morning tweets.

Under Obama, transgendered people were given broad protections in the military, with the Pentagon even footing the bill for gender reassignment surgery, at taxpayer expense, of course. Additionally, the military had been turned into the left’s social petri dish, with soldiers being given sensitivity training and other non-warfighting courses so that transgendered people didn’t have their feelings hurt by the finest killing force the world has ever known.

However, with President Trump came a change in leadership, and now we have Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis at the helm, and he’s not into the namby pamby crap that Obama-era officials pushed. In fact, he believes the military exists for one thing and one thing only – to destroy the enemy – and any deviation of this isn’t accepted.

So it stands to reason that this morning, President Trump stated, after “consultation with my generals and military experts,” which would include Mattis, transgendered people are no longer allowed to serve in the U.S. Military.

This is absolutely massive.

Check it out:

Boom! That’s going to send social justice warriors into an all-out panic, but nobody really cares.

In order to have the fiercest and most effective military, it needs to remain focused on its training and mission objectives. Sorry, but women getting used to seeing male sexual organs in the shower and men getting used to seeing butch women in the bathroom isn’t a part of either of those things.

Good job, Mr. President. Undoing Obama’s horrible “legacy” one piece at a time.



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