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Internet ERUPTS After People See What’s RIGHT Under Trump’s Cinco De Mayo Tweet

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Thursday was Cinco de Mayo, and people across the nation celebrated the holiday in a variety of ways, including presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. He tweeted out a picture of himself at Trump Tower, and the Internet erupted into a frenzy when people saw what was underneath it.

Trump has a history of intentionally tweeting or saying things to get a rise out of people, and Thursday was no different for the billionaire. While at the Trump Tower Grill, he decided to eat a taco bowl in honor of Cinco de Mayo, and while taco bowls aren’t exactly anything out of the ordinary, the way Trump captioned the photo of himself eating the taco bowl caught people’s attention.

“Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!” the bombastic billionaire wrote.

Of course, that was all his haters needed to blow a gasket, and blow a gasket they did.

You get the idea. People weren’t really happy that Trump said he loves Hispanics. But then again, people aren’t really happy about much these days, are they.

While Trump’s tweet was more of a fun-loving and light-hearted way to reach out to Latino voters than anything else, Hillary Clinton took an entirely different approach and went into full pander mode, as she usually does.

Check it out:

Yeah. She really did go there. You’re probably wondering what it’s saying, well loosely translated it means, “Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. We can not to his hateful and dangerous rhetoric is approaching the White House.”

Sorry, that’s the best that Google Translate could come up with, but you get the general gist of what she was saying. Although Hillary’s tweet shouldn’t be too surprising since she’s already shown she’ll do or say just about anything to get elected.

Kind of like this:Internet ERUPTS After People See What’s Underneath Trump’s Cinco De Mayo Tweet


Sorry, I couldn’t resist.



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