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Trump’s Ex-Wife Just Made UNEXPECTED Revelation About The Donald: ‘He Cannot…’

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Twenty-five years ago, Ivana Trump divorced her husband, Donald, and the spectacle set the tabloids on fire. Now her former husband is running for president, and she’s about to set the Internet abuzz with an unexpected revelation she made in a recent interview.

Speaking with the New York Post, Ivana seems to have jumped on the Trump express, and she’s now hoping to boost his shot at the White House by revealing what she knows of him – and she knows a lot after being married to him.

“I suggest a few things,” she said. “We speak before and after the appearances and he asks me what I thought.”

She said that she urges him to be calm, but she realizes that it’s probably not what he wants to hear given his blunt style.

Donald cannot be calm. He’s very outspoken. He just says it as it is,” Ivana said. “He’s no politician. He’s a businessman. He knows how to talk. He can give an hour speech without notes … He’s blunt.”

She also believes that her ex-husband has what it takes to surround himself with “fantastic advisers, like Carl Icahn. Really brilliant minds. And he’d make a decision! Obama cannot make a decision if his life depends on it. It’s ridiculous.”

Agreed. That indecision has also been costly to our nation as a whole.

Back to The Donald, Ivana recollected when he thought about a presidential bid just before the two split.

“Probably five years before our divorce, Reagan or somebody brought him a letter and said, ‘You should run for president,’” she said. “So he was thinking about it. But then … there was the divorce, there was the scandal, and American women loved me and hated him. So there was no way that he would go into [politics] at that point. But he was always tooling around with the idea.”

She also urged Americans to embrace her former husband’s immigration plan because she believes it’s how we’ll be able to get our country back on track. Coming from an unfavorable situation as a child, she knows a thing or two about policies that hurt a nation’s citizens.

I was born in a Communist country [Czechoslovakia] and I don’t like politics,” she said, noting America has lost its prestige. “We have to get it back.”

How, you might ask? Easy – close the border and screen potential immigrants better.

“I have nothing against Mexicans, but if they [come] here — like this 19-year-old, she’s pregnant, she crossed over a wall that’s this high” — Ivana lowers her hand to 4 inches above her wall-to-wall carpeting. “She gives the birth in American hospital, which is for free. The child becomes American automatically. She brings the whole family, she doesn’t pay the taxes, she doesn’t have a job, she gets the housing, she gets the food stamps. Who’s paying? You and me.”

Indeed we are, which is why we can’t accept anything less than a wall along our Southern border. It’s the current open-door policy of this administration that’s paved the way for millions of illegals to flood our nation, which puts a severe economic burden on the entire nation while diluting our culture of patriotic Americans who actually love our nation and everything it was founded upon.

A nation without borders isn’t a nation, and a country that doesn’t follow its own laws has no integrity. It’s long past time we end the lawlessness in Washington, and finally get back to putting America first.

Maybe then we can think about helping the world.



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