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After Trump’s Tweets, Video Surfaces Of ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Saying The UNTHINKABLE About POTUS

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On Thursday, President Trump sent the left into yet another meltdown (it’s a daily occurrence) after he finally defended himself against the vicious attacks that come daily from the hosts of “Morning Joe,” and now disturbing video has surfaced showing why the President isn’t their biggest fan.

Mika Brzezinski and her co-host/fiancée Joe Scarborough have been ruthless in their personal attacks against President Trump since he won the election, but earlier this month Brzezinski took things entirely too far when she said some of the most horrible things about him imaginable during a broadcast of “Morning Joe” – and it was all said in less than a minute.

From the Gateway Pundit:

Mika Brzezinski and her husband to be Joe Scarborough constantly berate the current US President Donald Trump every day on MSNBC’s terribly unpopular “Morning Joe” show. Their disregard and disrespect for the President is consistent with other liberal main stream media outlets because the President is a Republican.

Earlier this month Mika went on an all out assault on the US President. In less than one minute she called President Trump – “Narcissist”, “Mentally Ill’, “Not Well”, “Ignorant”, “Stupid”, “says he can grab women anywhere” and insinuates that he might have homosexual tendencies.

Isn’t that something? Meanwhile, everyone in the liberal media is acting indignant, as if the President wasn’t provoked by these two and they’re the victims.

Sorry, but you don’t get to go on offense for months while saying awful things about someone else and their family, only to turn around and cry victim when they finally fight back.

You know, the left claims to be against bullying, but the reality is they’re the worst bullies of all, and this entire ordeal surrounding these two hacks is proof of it.

These people are purely delusional.



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