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Trump’s Website Gets SHUT DOWN Right After EPIC Immigration Speech, Check Out Why

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Last night, Donald Trump delivered an epic speech detailing his plans for immigration in America should he become president, and something bizarre happened to his website immediately after he finished.

While the media is desperately trying to paint Trump’s campaign as floundering and lacking any real support, just the opposite appears to be true. Each week, his poll numbers continue to rise as his opponent’s fall, he’s delivering speeches at rallies that are jam packed with thousands of people outside, and even some of his harshest critics are starting to warm up to him as he stays on message and hammers Hillary Clinton.

But perhaps the greatest sign of support thus far happened last night after he delivered a bold, concise, and epic speech about his plans for immigration if he ends up getting elected president. Many worried that he was starting to soften his stance on the issue, but what he had to say last night must have eased their concerns as well as brought on new supporters.


Because according to the Gateway Pundit, immediately following his speech his website went offline. However, it didn’t go offline because someone hacked it or because Obama’s minions were hard at work, it went offline because the traffic volume was so high that the servers hosting the site couldn’t keep up with it, and the best part is that it was the donation page that was down.

Check it out, via Jim Hoft:

Isn’t that awesome? “Unusually high volume of traffic” is the reason his fundraising site went down, which means he undoubtedly hit his speech out of the park.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has been rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite, raising millions of dollars from wealthy entertainers out of touch with the realities we all face daily while ignoring her core constituency – the “little guys,” who she claims to be a champion for.” In fact, it’s been weeks since she’s given a public speech, and it wasn’t until yesterday she actually came out of hiding after she saw her poll numbers drop to record lows.

The worst part about her American Legion speech was that the seats were half empty, and she appeared visibly agitated that she even had to come out from her safe space to address we the peons of America. That’s not to mention she’s also losing support in key demographics, such as with women and minorities, which isn’t going to bode too well for her coming into November, and we still have yet to see what Wikileaks has in store for their “October surprise.”

Regardless, Trump’s riding a wave of momentum that could very well carry him all of the way to the White House. If he continues staying on message and hammering his opponent, calling him Mr. President will only be a matter of time as he’ll destroy Hillary in a landslide victory in November.



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