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UNREAL: ARROGANT Michelle Obama Makes TROUBLING Promise: ‘We’re Not Gone, We’re Just…’

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The Obamas, much like Hillary Clinton, apparently can’t take the hint that America was fed up with their policies, and during a recent public appearance Michelle made a troubling promise to the audience.

The former White House occupant’s comments came after she learned that President Trump is doing away with the horrible lunch guidelines she created for schools, and boy was she ticked off. Donning a shirt that looked like it was made from a kite, she addressed an annual health conference in Washington, D.C., where she went off the rails at the new President’s decision to let kids eat food they actually like.

While she didn’t mention President Trump specifically by name, she did attack the Agriculture Department’s new policy overturning her lunch mandate, the Daily Mail reported.

‘If somebody is doing that, they don’t care about your kid.’

‘You have to stop and think, ‘Why don’t you want our kids to have good food at school? What is wrong with you and why is that a partisan issue?’

‘Why would that be political?’

Michelle actually admitted to being divisive, but lamented that the issue of children’s health should be, then went on to spew divisive rhetoric about the President.

‘Moms, think about this. I don’t care what state you live in, take me out of the equation, like me, don’t like me, but think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap,’ she said.

In one of his first major actions, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said the department will delay an upcoming requirement to reduce the amount of sodium in school meals.

‘How about we not let kids completely guide everything?’ she said,. ‘How about we stop asking kids how they feel about their food?

‘Kids, my kids included, if they could eat pizza and french fries every day with ice cream on top and a soda, they would think they were happy, until they got sick.’

She also said she’s proud of the fact that American children dislike her for implementing the regulations that deprived them of edible food and replaced it with whatever slop Michelle wanted served.

‘That to me is one of the most ridiculous things we talk about in this movement, that the kids aren’t happy. Well, you know what? Kids don’t like math, either. So what are we going to do, stop teaching math? We gonna cut history out because there are kids who are bored with history?

‘We are the adults in the room, you know? They look to us. So let’s just stop with that. I’m good if kids are mad at me.’

She closed her thoughts by telling the crowd that she and her husband are just “breathing” but plan on returning to the public life soon.


‘We’re not gone, we’re just breathing, y’all. Let us breathe,’ she said. ‘We’ve got to get our new lives set up.’

‘I’m approaching the next chapter the way I approached this last chapter. I want to be strategic,’ she said.

Who’s in favor of her strategically planning to move to a different country that’s more fitting to her worldviews?

Oh, how nice that would be…



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