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UNREAL: Elected Democrats Have DISTURBING Reaction To French Election, Who’s Side Are They On?!

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On Sunday, the world watched as the people of France went to the polls to cast their ballots for a new leader, and elected Democrats in America had an utterly disturbing reaction to the election’s results.

The polls in France largely predict5ed a win for Emmanuel Macron, and it turns out that they were actually right for a change. Macron won with a wide majority over his opponent Marine Le Pen, who the media and establishment types spent months trying to assassinate her character, much like the left does to its opposition in America.

Unfortunately, the French people succumbed to the fear mongering, and despite the sharp increase in terror attacks under the European Union’s open borders policies, they voted for the man who had his full support behind the E.U. and rejected the candidate with the nationalist message who wanted to protect her nation from Islamic radicals.

The reaction from Democrats here in the States speaks volumes.

The Daily Caller has more:

“Congratulations to the people of France for rejecting racism, xenophobia, and the politics of fear!” said Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, who is also the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee.

“Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on a big win in France over the forces of right-wing nationalism,” said California Rep. Adam Schiff, calling the pro-European Union candidate’s victory a “very hopeful sign for Europe.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, brother of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, appeared to temporarily dedicate the Statue of Liberty to Macron’s victory. Cuomo tweeted out a picture of the statue, captioning it: “People of France, tonight she shines for you.” Democrats have weaponized the statue in recent months as a symbol of their desire to bring more refugees into the country. Le Pen ran on a sharply anti-refugee platform.

Then, of course, there was Hillary Clinton, who just couldn’t resist the opportunity to make the story about her rather than the French election while even managing to throw the victim card in for the twofer.

Given the clear positions of both Le Pen and Macron, how can anyone not wonder whose side the Democrats are on?

Although, if there’s anything the last eight years under Obama taught us, it’s that the left would rather welcome terrorists with arms wide open than actually screen who comes into our country and risk being accused of racism.



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