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UNREAL: Something AWFUL Happened To Barron After He Was Spotted With A Fidget Spinner

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Barron Trump is just 11 years old and has no control over anything in his life, yet liberals just can resist attacking him over his father’s beliefs.

The most recent case of leftist intolerance against the kid comes after he was spotted with America’s most popular toy; a fidget spinner. When arriving in Washington with his mother, Melania, to stay at his new residence, Barron was seen with the spinner as he disembarked Air Force One, and immediately the left pounced.

For those unaware, here’s what the three-sided toy can do for those who use them, according to the New Yorker:

Not quite a toy, not exactly a gadget, nor precisely a therapeutic device—and yet, somehow, and infuriatingly, all of those things at once—a fidget spinner is a palm-sized, usually three-pronged object made from plastic or metal or a combination of the two, designed to be spun between finger and thumb… it’s not uncommon for educators and therapists to recommend hand-sized toys, like squishy balls or squeezy tubes, as a concentration aide for kids who have a hard time following classroom rules.

It’s because of this the spinners have become extremely popular among teens all over the country. However, the left used the fact that Barron has one to claim he has mental issues.

No, seriously.

Via the Independent Journal:

As the Journal noted, people just had to advocate for violence against a boy:

You get the idea. Again, the Journal notes that since Barron’s father has become President, the following has happened to him, and he’s only a kid:

  1. Been called autistic in a public video

  2. Mocked for his looks at the Inauguration

  3. Called a “homeschool shooter”

  4. Accused of animal mutilation 

  5. Called a murderer 

Keep it classy, liberals.



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