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Arizona Sen. John McCain hasn’t been a strong ally of the White House by any means, and in the aftermath of the President’s son admitting to meeting with a Russian attorney his true colors have really shined.

The Weekly Standard caught up to the career politician on Tuesday afternoon, following Donald Trump, Jr. releasing the full email chain in which he discussed the meeting with a British publicist, and made the outrageous claim that his own sons would be “court martialed” had they arranged the same meeting for themselves. McCain didn’t offer any supporting statements for his claim, but asserted that their military service somehow forbids them from speaking to foreign nationals about American presidential candidates.

“I can assure you the people around me would not be inclined to do that kind of thing, especially not one of my sons.  ‘Cause my sons—they’re in the military. You know, they’d probably be court-martialed,” McCain said Tuesday.

For those unaware, the younger Trump met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya last summer shortly after his father secured the Republican nomination for president, after British publicist Rob Goldstone contacted him and claimed she had information tying Hillary Clinton to the Kremlin. On Tuesday night, Trump, Jr. appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News broadcast and explained that the meeting was merely due diligence on his behalf, and that he felt obligated to at least hear what Veselnitskaya had to say.

Long story short, she didn’t have the information she promised, but instead wanted to talk about child adoptions with Trump, Jr. in case his father were to go on and win the election. As it turns out, Veselnitskaya has ties to the Democrats themselves, as she is directly linked to Fusion GPS, the consulting firm hired by the DNC to do opposition research on then-candidate Trump and is responsible for the “Russian dossier,” which was full of lies and used to smear the presidential candidate.

Veselnitskaya and Fusion share a common goal in getting the Magnitsky Act, which was passed in 2012 and the Kremlin is no fan of, repealed by the U.S. Congress. In fact, Sen. Chuck Grassley filed a complaint in which Fusion is named as the leader of the pro-Russian campaign to kill the legislation, which came after Veselnitskaya hired the firm to assist her in doing the same.

When asked for further comment about Trump, Jr.’s meeting with Veselnitskaya, McCain, who was responsible for passing along the “:Russian dossier” to then-FBI Director James Comey, replied, “We’ve got a lot more to learn about the whole issue. … Another shoe drops from the centipede every few days.”

Indeed, we do have a lot more to learn, and a good place to start would be asking McCain himself why he’s so deeply intertwined with the people he’s alleging would get his sons arrested.



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