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UNREAL: ‘The View’ Hosts Make OUTRAGEOUS Claims Over Unsubstantiated Dossier On Trump

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The liberal hosts of “The View” have thrown whatever credibility they had left (none) out the window so they can continue attacking President-elect Donald Trump over a bogus story published by BuzzFeed.

The 35-page dossier is completely unsubstantiated, yet the editor of BuzzFeed chose to publish it anyway, which created quite a firestorm in the political world and caused Trump to lash out over the “fake news” report. However, despite the fact that even the intelligence director says they can’t verify the claims within it, Whoopi Goldberg and company are acting as if it’s real and that Trump is guilty of the disturbing allegations.

“Now we can’t get into specifics,” Goldberg said, before making tongue-in-cheek jokes about the report, “but I do have to ask because he’s being showered with allegations right now, is this a golden opportunity for Democrats or will he be able to clean up these leaks?”

She was obviously referencing “golden showers,” which were a part of the dossier that we won’t discuss in detail. But she went on to liken the unverified report to conspiracies about Obama in justifying her decision to treat the report as if it’s verifiable fact.

“We said they are unsubstantiated, but I do recall the days when they were saying Obama wasn’t an American — he’s a Muslim — or he’s part of the Taliban,” she continued. “Those weren’t substantiated. Those were fake news and yet they ran with it.”

“Well, we’re going to run with this, too,” Joy Behar interrupted. “I’ve got my running shoes on.”

She then laid out a scenario in which the Russians try to blackmail the incoming president in order to get him to enact favorable policies toward their nation.

“He becomes ‘president’ and the Russians can blackmail him about the boycotts, for example,” she said. “So he lifts the sanctions ‘because otherwise we’re gonna get you, sucker.’ And that’s why there’s a problem.”

Co-host Sarah Haines also chimed in, and she blamed Russia for the deep division in our country while ignoring the past eight years of division sown by the left.

“I am not a proponent for fake news, but if for one second, Donald Trump finally gets the severity of letting a foreign power come in and now the story is against him, I think it would be worth it,” said Haines. “Because right now, Russia is proving how easy it is to divide this country. You plant one seed and it goes like wildfire.”

Actually, your entire segment is the reason this country is divided.

No country or outside force can truly divide this country if we don’t want to be divided, but unfortunately people like Goldberg, Behar, Haines, and most everyone on the left right now are all working feverishly to divide the nation and undermine our own democracy instead of urging people to rally behind the duly elected president. If they put even half of the effort into uniting us as they did to divide us, no amount of fake news or propaganda could ever disrupt our nation because we’d all reject it as Americans rather than latch onto it along partisan lines and use it to discredit the opposition.

Let that sink in for a minute, Sarah, before you go spouting your nonsense about the Russians.



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