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UNREAL: Woman RIPS Confederate Flag Of Man’s Car & Runs Him OVER, LOOK What She’s Charged With

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Liberals are really starting to get out of hand with the blind hatred of things they find uncomfortable.

Last week, a black woman in Canada saw a replica of the “General Lee” from the hit TV series “Dukes of Hazzard” and proceeded to throw a tantrum that rivaled those seen in many day cares. Her actions followed months of anti-confederate memes from the media, which were reignited in Charleston when Dylan Roof killed nine black parishioners and had pictures of himself with the stars and bars on his Facebook profile.

Once again, Charleston has found itself in the middle of a fight over the Confederate flag, the Daily Caller reported. A woman became so enraged when she saw one adorned on a man’s truck (not pictured above) that she went out of her way to rip it off, then all hell broke loose.

Ann Lee Waters saw the man’s Confederate flag “tag” on the front of his vehicle and yanked it off. When the unidentified man tried to get her license plate number off of her car, she proceeded to throw it into reverse and run him over, then fled the scene like the coward she is.

Police ended up catching up with Waters and arresting her, but the charges she faces are an absolute joke. Despite willingly damaging the victim’s property then intentionally running him over with her car, causing one of his knees to sustain injury, she was only hit with “vandalism and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries,” ABC 4 News reports.

By most legal standards, when someone uses a vehicle to launch an attack on someone, as Waters did to her victim, they’re charged with at least assault with a deadly weapon, if not attempted murder. Given that she planned the whole thing out, it’s rather surprising that she didn’t get a premeditated charge thrown in there too.

While the reason for the weak prosecution isn’t specified in any news story, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why she’s getting off so easy – she was fighting “hate” – so you know damn well the liberal media would be all over it if the police came down too hard on her, and they likely don’t want that kind of publicity.

Although while she’s getting lucky with the charges she’s facing, she’s even luckier in a more serious sense – South Carolina is a Second Amendment-friendly state, so she had best be thanking her lucky stars that the man she tried to kill wasn’t armed.



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