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BREAKING: Verdict In MASSIVE Corruption Case ROCKS Obama Administration

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A massive corruption case has been in court for the past year that it involved a longtime friend and Democrat ally of Obama’s, and the verdict that was just reached isn’t going to reflect well on the president.

According to the Daily Caller, Democrat Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) has been battling 23 different corruption and racketeering charges over an illegal $1 million campaign loan, and he was just found guilty of all of them. Apparently corruption runs deep in the Democrat Party.

Fattah was elected in 1995 to represent a district covering large portions of Philadelphia, but lost his re-election bid earlier this year when he was defeated in the primaries by Rep. Dwight Evans. He was apparently routing federal grants and non-profit funding to pay for his debt while he was on the House Appropriations Committee.

Fattah is free on bail and is awaiting sentencing on Oct. 4. He faces up to 20 years in jail for each count, according to reports.

More from the Political Insider:

The Justice Department said Fattah also used funds from his mayoral and congressional campaigns to help pay off his son’s student loan debt.

He also accepted bribes while trying to secure an ambassadorship or appointment to the U.S. Trade Commission for former Philadelphia Deputy Mayor Herbert Vederman.

Additionally, the indictment said Fattah agreed to help award federal grant money to a political consultant in exchange for forgiving a $130,000 campaign debt. Fattah allegedly told the consultant to apply for a $15 million grant, which he did not receive.

Isn’t that something? Apparently there is some justice left in the country.

Now here’s the thing, what are the odds that Fattah was found guilty to create the appearance of impartiality for when Hillary gets a pass for doing pretty much the same thing he did, only she used her Clinton Foundation to do so? Considering the White House is already using the case to say that federal investigators act without political interference, I would be willing to bet that’s what is going to happen.





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